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The Details

The WCA Coach Training and Certification Program is structured to provide you with an in-depth understanding of life coaching.  Active listening, NLP, and transformation are just a few of the life coaching skills you will be taught.

Most life training schools do not prepare life coaches to turn their new skill into a business, but our training includes a full business building component so that you can start building a business immediately.  You are trained to be a life coach and to be a confident, competent business owner.

The Modules

One & Two

You will become familiar with the basics of the life coaching profession.  You will learn how to help your client achieve goals and create an action plan that will move them closer to success.

Dive deeper into the skill of life coaching.  During this part of the training, you’ll learn the all powerful skill of questioning as well as how to engage in active listening.  Learn how to motivate your clients while you discover the keys to empowerment 101.

You’ll learn how to use NLP  and transformation strategies to get your clients into action. Understand how to unlock your client’s passion and you’ll discover the steps you need to run an action taking coaching session.

At the half-way point, you will learn to master coaching techniques and tools, begin practicing coaching sessions, understand and implement the use of tools and assessments. Go deep into the world of motivation, learn how to master motivation skills for your client to get the most our of your coaching sessions.

Three & Four

No coaching practice is official until you open for business. Discover what you need to do to put the open for business sign up for your coaching practice. You will create your client forms and begin business set up.

Create a business plan and legal business structure.  Discover the money path for the coaching industry and set up payment structures while creating your money plan.

How do coaches get clients? You are getting mastering your coaching skills and managing business set up at this point, now it’s time to figure out how to share your gift with those that need it. Discover the tried and true ways to get clients.

Understand the basics of marketing and social media in your coaching business. Learn basic website setup and establish a presence online. During this module, you will tie all of your learning together as you begin to start your career as a Certified Professional Life Coach.

What Students Are Saying:

"Each Week you are eager to learn and embrace more knowledge on Life Coaching. It is great information that is very useful as you build your Life Coaching Business!" - Mary Reese Paul

"Everything I needed to be a successful coach was provided in the WCA training. From the foundation of what it means to be a coach all the way to setting up my own website. I am so glad I chose this program!" - Emily Hertein


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  • $697.00

    $697.00Train To Be A Life Coach Training + Certification (Live)

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How does it work?

The training modules are accessible via the WCA student center.  The course takes twelve weeks to complete the certification program.

  • Life Coach Training available 24/7

  • Begins July 22

  • Live weekly virtual classes

  • Access to a student center loaded with tools and resources

  • Certified Professional Life Coach Certificate

  • Two additional coaching certifications in your chosen niche designation

  • Top notch business training to assure you have the skills you need to launch your coaching business

Once you submit your assignments, payments, and pass the final with a grade of at least 70% you will receive the designation of Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC). You have the choice of choosing two additional niche certifications as well.

For more information on niche designations available please visit Course Overview section.

Your certificate of completion will be sent to you as well as logos for your website.

*Please note: There are no refunds & no exceptions to the rule. You have one year to complete your training. All payment plans must be paid within the time frame originally agreed or you will forfeit any payments made and be sent to collections.

**You will need access to the internet, a working computer and basic knowledge of how technology works.  Please make sure you have access to these tools before signing up.

***By signing up you agree to these terms.

Meet Your Instructor


Lisa Porter

Hi, I’m Lisa, the lead instructor here at WCA.  I’m a Certified Life & Business Coach, a Certified Life Coach Trainer and I run my own coaching practice over at Spark and Profit.I’m passionate about empowering women just like you with the tools you need to become a successful coach.  Through the training here at WCA, you will learn the basics of heart led life coaching, be given the tools you need to see change in your clients and you will launch your coaching business before you graduate.I can’t wait to see you in class!

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  • $697.00

    $697.00Train To Be A Life Coach Training + Certification (Live)

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